1.                   SERVICE CHARGE                      : Service charge includes the cost of Labor department procedure, medical examination, insurance, orientation, visa stamping etc. This charge is payable by the employer. Payment shall be done under the mutual understanding.  Following the labor law of Nepal, we follow the free visa and free ticket system and make sure worker are done free recruitment. There won’t be any charges against the law.

2.            TRAVELING EXPENSES : The travelling expenses from Kathmandu, Nepal to destination country and the return ticket upon the completion of working contract shall be borne by the employer. Ticket or cost of ticket will be payable by the Employer.


3.                   DURATION OF CONTRACT        : Minimum 2 years (this contract may be extended by the employer consent)


4.            SALARY                                        Employee basic salary is declared by the government of respective country. Therefore it shall be according to the labor law and varies from country to country as well as profession to profession. Salary also varies from Employer to employer. Employer may pay the salary according to the company rule but this rule won’t be against the rule of government. There is the minimum or the basic salary declared by Government of Nepal for different countries in different job category. Salary shall be under the circumstances of the rules and regulation.


5.            PROBATION PERIOD                : Three month from date of arrival in the country


6.            WORKING HOURS                     : 8 hrs/per day and 6 days per week.


7.            ACCOMMODATION                 :   The employer provides free accommodation to the workers


8.            TRANSPORTATION                :   Provided by the employer free of cost.


9.            FOOD                                   :  Provided by the employer.


10.         OVERTIME                                   : According to Labour laws and as per the rule of the company.


11.         ANNUAL LEAVE                          : In accordance with the labor laws. Minimum 21 days/ year.


12.         MEDICAL INSURANCE               : Provided by Employer.                                     


13.         OTHER BENEFITS AND INSURANCE: will be in accordance with the labour laws of the respective country.




Different countries have different rules and regulation. Rules and regulation varies from countries to countries, company to company as well as employer to employer. Below are some of the common and universal rules and regulation or the restriction of the countries or the company. Worker should strictly follow these rules and regulation to stand himself as a good and obedient worker.


Peace International make sure that our worker do not go beyond the below rules and regulation as well as the terms and conditions. We guarantee on our workers.


a.    The Employee is not allowed to engage in any employment with other individual, organization or institution and shall not carry or do business during the period of his Contract.

b.    His family or friends shall not accompany the Employee.

c.    The Employee shall not conduct any misconduct and breach of any rules and regulation of the company regarding discipline and work.

d.    The Employee shall not commit crime during his stay in respective countries.

e.    The Employee shall not participate in any political activities and activities of those related with Trade Union, or instigate others to commit such acts.

f.     The Employee shall not collect any money from any fellow worker by force or coercion for whatever reason.

g.    The Employee shall not engage in any romance relationship and/or marry and/or intent to marry any citizenship holder of respective country in the period of his/her Contract.

h.    The Employee shall strictly follow the Company’s rules and regulations necessarily imposed by the employer’s management.That if the Employee is found creating social problems and or engaged in any illegal subversive or criminal activities, and then he will be dismissed with immediate effect and will be repatriated to Nepal

i.      Employee should not breach any restrictions.

j.     Employee should not be absence from the work for more than two (02) consecutive working days without reasonable explanation.

k.    Should not do any falsification or destructions of records.

l.      Should not report to work while under influence of liquor or drugs or should take liquor or any form of drugs in the factory.

m.  Should not theif or dishonesty, in connection with the business or property of the company. Should not do any willful damage of company’s property.

n.    Should not fight or assault, whether provoked or otherwise.

o.    Should not conduct which is likely to endanger the safety of another person.

p.    Should not threaten, intimidate and coercing to cause physical harm or injury to any member of the staff or his family.

q.    Should not demand, accept or offer bribes or illegal gratification of any kind.


The violation of above rules and regulation may result to termination or dismissal of contract. Therefore, Peace International- P.I conduct the special class and program from the expert to test mental status of the worker so that any of our worker do not breach the rules and regulation.






1.            AIRPORT CLEARANCE   : upon receiving final flight update, employer should arrange for the timely receiving of the workers from the respective country’s airport. Untimely may lead to worker return from the airport.

2.            UPDATE                           : Employer shall update upon receiving the workers from airport.

3.            ADVANCE                         : Each worker should be benefited from the advance payment upon arrival to the company for their own use. This advance payment can be deduction from the month salary of the worker)

4.            ACCOMMODATION         : Employer shall arrange for the proper hostel or accommodation with furnished housing and also the water and electricity facilities.

5.            SECURITY                        : Employer shall ensure the proper security system for the workers in the hostel/ living place and working places. Especially in case of female workers, security system should not be undervalued.

6.            SALARY                            : Salary should be as per the agreement and make sure that the salary of every working month is paid on time with no delays.

7.            BEING UPDATED           : Employer should check on the validity of passport, residence permit/ work permit/ visa renewal/ employment visa of the workers time to time and should do the necessary renewals before the time limit expires.

8.            TREATMENT                    : In case of any sickness/ accident, it will be the responsibility of the Employer to do the proper treatment of the worker.

9.            PROBLEM                         : In case of any problem, employer shall inform us for any assistance needed. It is major responsibility of the employer to settle the problem with no delays.

10.         AGREEMENT                    : Employer shall follow all the terms of agreement signed between the employer and the workers. Make sure both the party do not go beyond the agreement.